Spring Fair 2020

An interesting week for the team at Thorness, we went to the Spring fair in Birmingham where we met with many of our existing suppliers and friends. The trip started well with a very enjoyable evening with one of principle supplier, we enjoyed a delicious curry at the James Dahl restaurant in Birmingham and just a couple of beers.

However, the highlight of the evening was hearing tales form over almost 40 years in the business, perhaps the highlight was a tale involving the Italian mafia that ended with an order worth many thousands of pounds being placed by a distributor in Panama….

The trade fair was a great success, we liked the new layout and format of the fair which meant that we found new products that we probably would not have seen had the layout remained unchanged, more on these new products in future posts, watch this space.
Back home we received an order this week for three large heavyweight cast iron cauldrons, these are going to be used as props in a future film so watch out for Thorness products appearing in Hollywood, it’s amazing 
where our products will take you


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