How Do You Use An Iron-On Patch

Most of our patches can be attached either by ironing them on or sewing them on. If you want, you can iron it on and then sew it on too for max security.

Iron-on is the quick application process; you'll need an iron and a small towel (think tea towel). Turn the iron onto the hottest setting and iron over the area you want to place the patch, in doing this you heat the surface where you want the iron-on patch to go. Next, place the patch onto the desired (now warm) area. Place the small towel over the patch and iron over the patch in a circular motion. You may need to do this several times to ensure that it is stuck down securely.

If the patch is in a place where it may get knocked, I'd recommend to sew it on as well as ironing it on; this way making it as secure as possible.

It's that easy! The possibilities are endless! Say goodbye to boring bags, add some personality! Or, fix those jeans you've kept on the side! What are you waiting for?!

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